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"Sports is a unique asset class and Skin In The Game has access to some of the most exciting early stage opportunities."

Robert Croci, Public Investment Fund

Roberto Croci, Director, Public Investment Fund and Board Advisor to Skin In The Game

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Skin In The Game is a FCA regulated group of angels and family offices. We are exclusively focused on sports and human performance, investing in startups with the potential to transform how we live, train and play. Pre-Seed to Series A.

Investment Thesis

Sports is big business. But it’s also an incubator for emerging technologies with the potential to transform how we live, train and play. A set of unique conditions make sports an ideal testbed for technological innovation:

1. Performance
– there is an obsessive focus on measurement and optimisation, with large volumes of historical data to analyse and learn from.

2. Investment – innovators can test and iterate in real-world scenarios to develop deep-tech innovations that might not make it out of R&D in other industries.

3. Influence – as cultural icons, professional athletes play a powerful role in driving adoption of new technologies and ideas amongst the general public.

These three factors make sports a driver of positive change in society and rich terrain for investors looking for outlier returns.


Sports investments offer a unique combination of financial potential and diversification benefit, making it an attractive asset class for both experienced and emerging investors.

1. Sports investments often exhibit a low correlation with traditional asset classes, helping to diversify investment portfolios - reducing overall risk.

2. For investors looking for alternative investments with high growth potential, sports offer a variety of attractive opportunities.

3. Sports technology companies are often testing their product-market fit in sports before expanding to other industries. We look for startups that have technology transfer potential.

The “sports transfer” effect

Sneakers are perhaps the most obvious vehicle for illustrating the power and importance of tech transfer from sports to other industries.

British company J.W. Foster and Sons designed and produced the first shoes designed for running in 1895 - the shoes were spiked to allow for greater traction and speed. Fast-forward the best part of 200 years, and trainers have now become a staple of our wardrobes - a lifestyle icon that we rely upon to get us from A to B, and now the star of the gargantuan athleisure industry. And yet trainers remain a highly engineered sports product in their own right, one that continues to evolve and improve. The incredible journey of the humble sneaker highlights sports’ power to incubate advancements that seem trivial in the near term, but prove to be life-changing and even era-defining over the long run.

J.W. Foster and Sons was founded by Joseph William Foster - grandfather to Joe Foster, the Founder of Reebok and now Board Advisor to Skin In The Game.

"Skin In The Game gives you a front row seat to the latest innovation in Sports and Human Performance."

Joe Foster, founder of Reebok

Joe Foster
Founder of Reebok and Board Advisor to Skin In The Game

Our Group

We bring together industry leaders to identify, review and invest in groundbreaking startups. Our group now includes over 100 industry leaders across sports and finance. Drawing on the combined expertise of our members, we assist early and growth stage companies to maximise their potential.

"We believe that mixing different backgrounds, skillsets, and perspectives is key to building out a rounded squad that can identify, access and de-risk opportunities across sports and human performance. By pooling our resources we are greater than the sum of our parts."

Scott Newall, Chief Executive Officer

Scott Newall
Chief Executive Officer

Our Story

Skin In The Game is the brain child of investment banker and serial entrepreneur Edward Rhys. In 2020, Edward recognised that the European sports investment landscape was lagging behind the United States in two key ways:

1. Total capital funding innovation, and
2. The number of athletes investing in startups.

In 2022, Ed brought strategy consultant and venture advisor Scott Newall onboard as Co-Founder and together they launched Skin In The Game Investment Group.‍

Skin In The Game Co-Founders

Edward Rhys (left) and Scott Newall (right) at the Boardroom, Anfield - with Liverpool F.C.

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"Skin In The Game gives you a front row seat to the latest innovation in Sports and Human Performance!"

Joe Foster, Founder of Reebok, Board Advisor to Skin In The Game

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